We’re Late For Class Presents: The Act You’ve Known For All These Years

Here’s a couple of Beatles related projects hot off the presses and highly recommended.

The first comes from We’re Late For Class – a psychedelic mash-up using only tracks from The Beatles’ experimental solo releases. Every sound you’ll hear is The Beatles (and whoever played with them on those albums). As a future press release should wildly claim, “The Beatles – As You’ve Never Heard Them Before!” If only they’d all just gotten along. That’s the premise, anyway.

Space Fantasy Peace (Intro) (1:18)
Real Made Up (7:06)
Ski-ing/Au (3:15)
Mersey Silence Movement 1 (Overture) (5:10)
Greasy Leaf Changes (9:52)
You Can’t Fight Virgins In A Dream (7:00)
It’s So Hard To Hope For Peace In A Spiral (Requiem) (13:34)
Goodnight Sad Ramsterdam (3:44)
John, Yoko Is My Madness (Hidden Track) (19:02)