Monthly Archive: February, 2010

Cosmic Disco presents Belson: Psychic Soul II

It’s always a pleasure to find a mix such as this one by Belson done for Cosmic Disco. Lots of tasty obscurities and mind expanding discoveries here, kids. “The 2nd segued selection of… Continue reading

Ad Noiseam presents Summer 2009 Label Compilation

Here’s a great looking mix I stumbled upon from the label Ad Noiseam. “Second volume of the label compilation, with a new selection of 15 tracks. As usual, a CDR copy is given… Continue reading

Meatskull presents Another Angle Vol.48

The second of 3 update posts from me tonight. Another Angle steps into the world of music with a selection that I promise you will love. I seem to have found a groove… Continue reading

Meatskull presents Another Angle Vol.47

Where else are you gonna find dub, detroit deep house, slanted beats, inspired mash ups, Indian pop, and Tina Turner covering a Massive Attack classic? Nowhere, that’s where. Hop onboard the Meatskull express… Continue reading

Jay-Z at Studio One

Yet another Jay-Z Black Album mash – this time ’round using classic Studio One reggae rhythms. It works quite well on the whole, despite a few rough timings etc. Lots of fun though… Continue reading

Saint Etienne present Foxbase Alpha live at The Ritz, Manchester 15.10.09

An exceptional 320 audience recorded mp3 of English wonders St.Etienne performing their debut album in it’s entirety to mark it’s 18th birthday! 01 This is Radio Etienne 02 Only Love Can Break Your… Continue reading

Clockwork Shorts presents Orangewarrior – Robo Suite 15

Now you’re talking! Check the skill and talent on display here. “An epic length mix of some chilled out beats & pieces – not the most energetic of mixes, but rather a showcase… Continue reading

Mondayjazz presents Neut: I’m Leaving Home

Hooray for my mate Neut, he got this sick mix posted over at the boss spot Mondayjazz! “This weeks Mondayjazz mix comes from the dark side of Australia. Although now it’s midsummer there,… Continue reading

DJ Food presents More Volts: The Funky Eno

An inspired mix from DJ Food (Strictly Kev) posted on his Soundcloud page. “An hour long trip through the funked-up side of Brian Eno’s output since the 70’s. Expect David Bryne, nonsense verse,… Continue reading

DJ Rasta Root presents The Rest of Dilla Vol. 1

You can never have too much Dilla in your life. Found this one over at Pipiomixes. LINK

DJ Nobody presents Love Is An Open Soar: A Collection Of 60’s & 70’s Psychedelic Love Songs

“Originally made as a private valentine’s mix that was given out to close friends “Love Is An Open Soar” slowly spread across the globe via, blogs and good old fashion hand to… Continue reading


Well, I didn’t make any fanfare once i hit the 100,000 visitor mark, but what the hell. We’re at 101,508 visits and I want to thank every person who has visited, linked, messaged,… Continue reading

A.C. the Program Director & Double K (of P.U.T.S.) present Doin’ What We Do, the Way We Do When We Do What We Do

“I don’t even have to tell you how much of an honor and blessing this mixtape is … basically me and Double K battling back and forth two records apiece for 80 minutes,… Continue reading

Squeek Boogie Presents J. Dilla & Nas – DillMatic

DILLmatic = Nas + J Dilla + Squeek Boogie. Squeek Boogie blends and remixes Nas’ rhymes with J Dilla’s production to see what could’ve been had these two legends ever worked together. 01… Continue reading

Meatskull presents Another Angle Vol.46

Don’t let the artwork fool you – this ain’t no horrorshow. A mix that I know you will find beguiling, amusing and downright funky. Re-edits, torchsongs, beats through the blender, psychedelic soul, headtwisting… Continue reading