Mondayjazz presents Neut: I’m Leaving Home

Hooray for my mate Neut, he got this sick mix posted over at the boss spot Mondayjazz!

“This weeks Mondayjazz mix comes from the dark side of Australia.
Although now it’s midsummer there, we are pretty sure neut spends most of his time in “too many dark dodgey rooms”. He makes only a few more laid-back hints of Australian climate. Rest sounds as cold bomb shelter deep below the earth with nuclear war going on outside.
The selection should be considered as modern hippies’ hangar music. It’s like wandering between LIVE and DJ stages – fused and mauled acoustic breaks easily melt with digital mush. Over-pitched beats and static noises keep the industrial feel.

Listening to the mix is like being made a tattoo – meditative, yet intense. Periodical MC appearances bring the sanity back. Just to get it ready for another trip, where single word may sound too rational.
In case its Monday, dark vibrations are finally reset with a surprisingly positive ending. But beware – mix will bring your tripping soul anywhere, but not to the office.” Kudirka (Mondayjazz)

Moving Ninja – ‘ankoku butch’
10-20 – ‘arcadeagle’
Deckard – ‘surgery’
DJ Signify feat Aesop Rock – ‘sink or swim’
Lord Newborn And The Magic Skulls – ‘crazy apartment’
MRK1 – ‘grit’
DOS4GW – ‘440’
MHE – ‘unknown 5’
Disrupt – ‘last blade’
Meat Beat Manifesto – ’62 dub’
The Slew – ‘battle of heaven and hell’
Prop – ‘solo trip’
Aoi – ‘mayday’
Mr Oizo – ‘salad’
Oddateee – ‘pagan baby’
Tino – ‘tuff dub’
Meaty Ogre – ‘amusing ourselves to death instrumental’
Aoi – ‘mk-ultra’
Strad – ‘warhead’
Lone – ‘pure white lights’
Harmonic 313 – ‘battlestar instrumental’
Chasm feat Ozi Batla – ‘rockit fuel’
Glen Porter – ‘days 2 come’
Thom Yorke – ‘feeling pulled apart by horses’
Legion Of Two – ‘it really does take time’
The Gaslamp Killer – ‘anything worse’
Kilowattz – ‘untitled 7’
Clutchy Hopkins Meets Lord Kenjamin – ‘cold and wet’