Cosmic Disco presents Belson: Psychic Soul II

It’s always a pleasure to find a mix such as this one by Belson done for Cosmic Disco. Lots of tasty obscurities and mind expanding discoveries here, kids.

“The 2nd segued selection of vintage americana, acoustic druggisms, beatless rhythms and musical meanderings for the higher state of conciousness.” – Cosmic Disco

Louise Huebner – ‘Gods’ (edit)
Mystic Number National Band – ‘Umbrellas’
Oxpetals – ‘March 22’
JK & Co – ‘Nobody’
Jay Hirsh – ‘Uncut diamonds’
BullAngus – ‘Cy’
Graham Bond – ‘Time to die’
Miller Anderson – ‘Shadow ‘cross my wall’
Ellen McIlwaine – ‘Down so low’
Bob Siller – ‘Why is a mouse’
Damnation – ‘Sweet dream lady’
Randy Johnson – ‘Beauty’
Herman Adelsohn – ‘Take a look at me’
Louise Huebner – ‘Gods’ (edit)
Truth – ‘Lizzie’
Jeff Monn – ‘Ain’t that lovin’ you, baby’
Crome Syrcus – ‘Take it like a man’
St. George & Tana – ‘Big daddy’s blues’
Louise Huebner – ‘Gods’ (edit)