Andy G presents Wish The Sun

The guys over at The Acid House are getting all wistful and longing for some vitamin D (me thinks they must be over in the rainy ol’ England). Here in Australia, it’s blue skies as usual, but I won’t rub it in. To make up for the dreary confines, they’ve shed a little ray of sunshine via this sterling set from Andy G.

“I am looking out of my window at the grey tinted sky, with water drops falling on the sill producing natural rhythamtic patterns of sound, while I am wishing for the Sun. This wish has been granted by the now Brighton Based DJ and legend for his Electric Sex parties in Ibiza, and friend DJ Andy G. A smooth selection of laid back balearic grooves that are drying up the tear filled sky and wooing the Sun from behind the clouds, and creating a perfect sound track for Sunday.” – The Acid House

1. Nicholas Jaar – Time For Us
2. Walter Jones – Living Without Your Love
3. I:Cube – Falling
4. Meanderthals – Andromeda
5. Omar S – Flying Gorgars
6. Hot Toddy – I Need Love
7. Still Going – The Theme
8. Glimpse – Colours
9. Fast Eddie – Can You Dance
10. Kza – Open Up
11. Alan Braxe – Most Wanted
12. Findlay Brown – Losing The Will To Survive