Theopilus London presents JAM!

One that slipped through the Meatskull net is this mixtape from Theopilus London. I have posted him previously, and his style is always fresh. Here, he’s rhyming and singing over abstract jams created by Machinedrum and the like on a creation based loosley on Michael Jackson’s BAD. Some dope productions for sure. Peep a lil’ Theo today! (link via The Corner Store 360)

1. JAM!
2. Blindfolded
3. Future Times
4. Die 4 U
5. Late Night Operation
6. One For Me Freestyle
7. Epitome
8. Night Ridin
9. Star Scream
10. Leader Of The New School
11. Invisible Man
12. Superbad
13. Rest Of ‘Em (ft. Mickey Factz)
14. Call Tyrone
15. The Blues
16. Forever Begins
17. Ber Ber Der Dant
18. Ultra Violet
19. DVRC
20. Stranger In Moscow