King Megatrip & DJ Pain present The Soothing System

Meatskull’s kindred cousin King Megatrip had the misfortune of a computer crash lately, and I know what a bitch that can be. But if I know the King like I think I do, he’ll be up and running in no time – the man’s unstoppable. Here’s a recent Solid Steel radio session he pumped out with the help of his offsider DJ pain, delivering the goods as always.

“Here’s DJ Pain and Solid Steel brother King Megatrip with their ‘Soothing System’ mix, reviving that little known 1970s therapy technique. Buddy Peace, Gaslamp Killer and Mr Chop help them provide the treatment. But, are they doctors? Are they patients? Or are they patients, posing as doctors?! One thing is for certain… you don’t want to get caught after dark in their all-new House of Pain… Get Your Poe on…!” – Solid Steel

Embalmers – Fist Full Of Flap Jacks – Bop n Stomp Records
Jet Black Crayon – The Tree – Function8
Zillatron – Exterminate – Innerhythmic
Buddy Peace – Human Cadillac – Strange Famous Records
MHE – 009 – Unknown
Tenshun – Unknown – Skrapez
The Heliocentrics – Once Upon A Time – Now-Again Records
Joe Beats – That Aint Right – Good Foot Records
Redback – More Then Human – A.P.E. Records
Scott Matelic – Vaccine – Bully Records
Controller 7 – Unknown – Grey Carpet Records
Elektro 4 – Pause – Bully Records
Mr. Chop – Metropoli Del Ferro – Now-Again Records
Tenshun – Nihilizm 09 – Skrapez
Son Of A Bricklayer – Litarefni – Ground Floor Records
DJ Signify – Bollywood Babies – Bully Records
Oh No – Exp Out The Box – Stones Throw Records
Bumps – Nashira – Stones Throw Records
Maker – Elephant Strut – Bully Records
The Gaslamp Killer – Baiafro – Brainfeeder
Dreas – Nobody – Hear Drums
Controller 7 – Consumer – The Secret Life Of Sound
Paul Baillargeon – Harizap – Unknown
Ennio Morricone – Svolta Definitiva – RCA
Maker – Augusta 90B – Galapagos4
Mr. Chop – The Infinity Machine – Now-Again Records
Mat Young – Barn Burning – Project: Mooncircle
Tommy Guerrero – Molotov Telegram – Quannum
Shawn Lee – Organ Grinder – Ubiquity Records
Free The Robots – Clocks And Daggers – Obey Records