Meatskull presents Another Angle Vol.53

Two showings by ace producer Nicholas Jaar including a sublime Jacko re-rub, Vincent Gallo remixed, Daniel Johnston reworked by B.Fleischman, Move D & Jonas Sharp as Reagenz, fragile beauty and soft floating instrumentals from Rachel Grimes and Mark McGuire, hip hop, “chillwave”(ha!) and more than that – who could ask for more? This one has my personal money back guarantee. – Meatskull

Alpine – Micro,
The Desert People – Was
Mark McGuire – Searching
Minilogue – Six Arms And One Leg
Billy Jean (Nico’s Rework) – Michael Jackson
Real Estate – Black Lake
Harvey Lindo feat. Count Bass D – Rugged Individuals
Black Sheep – North South East West (Buckwild Remix)
Nobody – Tilijem’s Forrest
Secede – Crave and Fall
Pingarosa – El Gil No Sabe De Amores
Reagenz – Freerotation
Rachel Grimes – Every Morning, Birds
B.Fleischmann – Phones, Machines & King Kong
Polmo Polpo – Rottura
Markus Guentner – Separate Digits
No Regular Play – Owe Me (Nichola Jaar Remix)
Balmorhea – Bowsprit
The Desert People – We’ve Done Some Bad Things
36 – Juliet