Peter Digital Orchestra presents A Private Hour With The French Dandy

Peter Digital Orchestra aka Fulgeance is a modern day legend on the electronic music scene. Never shy to take risks or mix the soulful with the slammin’, he’s been described as ” a perfect blend of huge, synth-laced French Electro and modern Instrumental Hip Hop. He takes club music into the realm of intelligent musical arrangements, yet always remains ‘dumb’ enough to work the floor”. This mix is a perfect example of the man’s great ear for music.

PDO has an album in the works due out soonish on Eklektik Records.
– via Musique Large

01.James Blake – Air & Lack Thereof
02.Lando Kal – Fuzzy Ankles
03.Mr Oizo – Lars Von Sen (Christma Version)
04.Jackson & His Computer Band – Untitled
05.Mount Kimbie – Maybes (James Blake Remix)
06.Jive Rythm Trax – 112 BPM
07.Prince – In The Future (Grey Matt Edit)
08.The Bloods – Button Up
09.Soultronik – What I Spray (Peter Digital Orchestra Remix)
10.Leonard de Leonard – Be My Lord (Peter Digital meets FulG Remix)
11.Motor City Drum Ensemble – Raw Cuts#3
12.Siriusmo – Wow
13.Hot City – Hot City Bass
14.Dana und Siriusmo – Ick Hab Wat Bessret Vor!
15.Hot City – If that’s how I feel
16.Lone – Sharpest View of The Sun
17.Four Tet – Love Cry
18.Siriusmo – Outro