Sonic Sunset presents Emotions Unknown

Any comp that starts out with a DJ Sprinkles tune can only be a winner as far as the Skull squad is concerened. Right kids? Riiiight.

Check out San Fransisco’s Dave Siska on the deep and dubby tip for Sonic Sunset.

“Dave takes us for a guided tour through dusky soft shadows and nighttime machines, leading into more relaxed territory before revisiting those chunky Chicago roots. New dubstep/techno genre-crossing sounds blended with their forerunners round out the meander. Too many great new cuts to mention all of them, but Stereociti lays down a thick, clean groove with Drexciyan flourishes, Joy Orbison offers you a rainbow-colored glowstick, and DJ Sprinkles goes beyond deep.”

DJ Sprinkles – Grand Central – Pt. I – Midtown 120 Blues (Mule Musiq) 2009
Schatrax – First Heartbeat (Schatrax) 1996
Stereociti – Waiting for Your Call (Mojuba) 2009
Anton Zap – Captain Storm (Underground Quality) 2008
Melody Boy 2000 – Monotone Fantastique (Dum) 1994
Model 500 – Starlight [Soultek’s Falling Stars Mix] (Echospace Detroit) 2007
Eerik – Exformation (Raw Fusion) 2002
Reflection – Cube Loop [Morgan Geist Mix] (Clear) 1997
Circulation – Emotions Unknown (Balance) 1995
The MD Connection – Frantic Machine – Tracks That Move Ya (Muzique) 1989
Martyn – Seventy-Four – Great Lengths (3024) 2009
Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngo (Hot Flush) 2009
Millie – Path To Hell [Redemption Mix] (Daphne) 2009
Ben Klock – Gold Rush – One (Ostgut Tontrager) 2009
Studio Pressure – Resolution (Photek) 1994
Roof Light – In Your Hands – In Your Hands EP (Styrax) 2009
Fluxion – Redundant (Vibrant) 2001
Helical Scan – Index I (Chain Reaction) 1996
Peverelist – Junktion [Shed Rmx] (Tectonic) 2009


PS – I made some new artwork cos i felt like it. – Meatskull