Coldcrush presents Simon Caldwell Live @ Coldcrush

Sydney DJ Simon Caldwell has been rocking the decks for a good 20 years or so and deservedly has become an institution whose name is synonymous with pushing boundaries and styles, all the while keeping his eye on the funk. I was lucky enough to share a residency with Simon for a couple of years at the Cricketer’s Arms Hotel in Surry Hills, Sydney and we had every DJ’s dream job – no rules, no regulations, just play what you feel on any given week in any style we pleased. Simon always inspired and explored, and he still does. Here’s a white hot electro set he played recorded live in the mix at one of the Cold Crush nights.

“With this set I was trying to play a whole bunch of my favourite electro tunes, mainly focusing on newer tracks with a bit of an old school vibe, and trying to tie them in with a few classic oldies. It was mixed with the dancefloor in front of me, so I tried to keep it pretty beat-based, but managed to get some spacey vibes in there too. I love how this kind of music makes really abstract things funky. It’s like the machines are making the music themselves if the sounds and the feel all click together; it’s organic and artificial at the same time. Unfortunately I don’t get to play these tunes very much any more (the complete rape of the word ‘electro’ hasn’t helped) so it was fun to drop them at Cold Crush. Hopefully you enjoy the mix and can have a little body-pop to it.” – Simon Caldwell

Hashim – Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)
Egyptian Lover – Freak-A-Holic
Bumper – Tuff Groove
R-Damski – Project Pt. 1
Def Cut – I Pay Back
Mobile Space Unit – Eruption
The Artificial Arm – Welcome To The Planet Funk
Suat G – B-Boy Bonus Beats
Sven Vath – Schubduse (Anthony Rother Remix)
Resident Alien – Radio Killer
DMX Krew – Bass Mission
A1 People – Do It
Thomas Schumacher – When I Rock (Anthony Rother Remix)
Subway – Testing (Dexter Remix)
Chromatix – Cranioplasmatron
The Freeek – Martian Leaders O.E.
DJ Godfather – Aliens Got The 808
Egyptian Lover – Egypt, Egypt
Mental Blox – Bass Synthesiser
Uprock – Klockwerk Oranj
Biochip C – Steal It And Deal It (DMX Krew Edit)
Anthony Rother – Compression
Third Electric + Artificial Material – High Tension Wires
The Artificial Arm – You’ve Been Messing With My Mind
Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force – Planet Rock