DJ Snobo presents Wolf & Lamb: A Retrospective

Wolf and Lamb, home to one of my favourite artists, Nicolas Jaar is one hell of a record label. Here’s a spot on look at the sounds of the artist roster put together by DJ Snobo. Highly recommended.

“The Wolf + Lamb digital was created in 2005 as an outlet for their productions, alongside the music of artists influenced by their events. As early adopters of digital DJing, they set out to make a digital label of distinction. 2008 has seen them break into the vinyl market after spending a summer in Germany to source production. In a daring mood within the current climate, the quality of their music has brought them great success.

Wolf + Lamb have collaborated with established artists such as Seth Troxler, Lee Curtiss, Shaun Reeves and Ryan Crosson, They also publish emerging local producers inspired by and connected to their growing community, including Nicolas Jaar, Smirk, Sergio Giorgini, Le Loup & No Regular Play. The original sound of Wolf + Lamb comfortably settled into techno, but the release of Bear Valley EP in the summer of 2007, saw them flirt with the friendlier sound of house, a direction since reflected in their production, their label’s music and their parties.” – Resident Advisor

1. Soul Clap – Michael Went To Heaven [WL55]
2. Soul Clap – Love Light [WLB01]
3. No Regular Play – Ladyluck (Slow Hand’s Remix) [WLM07]
4. Michael J Collins – I Just Wanna Be Your Disco Bitch [WL056]
5. Soul Clap – Conscious [WLB01]
6. Hot Natured – Leectric Feel [WLB02]
7. Hot Natured – Electric Jones [WLB02]
8. Michael J Collins – Sloppy Baby Moonbeam Powder [WL056]
9. No Regular Play – Derecha [WLM05]
10. Jones & Mizrahi – Nasty Things [WLB04]
11. Gadi Mizrahi – I’ll Set Your House [WLM04]
12. Seth Troxler – Love Never Sleeps (Gadi Mizrahi Remix) [WLX01]
13. Wolf + Lamb – If U Had (Shaun Reeves Edit) [WLM03]
14. Wolf + Lamb – Idiosyncratic [WLM03]
15. No Regular Play – Owe Me (Nicolas Jaar remix) [WL057]
16. Smirk, Wolf + Lamb – You Will Find [WL048]
17. Wolf + Lamb – Keep Me Up All Night [Dancing] [WLM03]
18. Wolf + Lamb – Must Be Brooklynn [WLM04]
19. Zev – This Feeling [WLM04]
20. Nicolas Jaar – The Student [WL049]