Phantom Reflections presents Enter Wormhole

So many blogs, so little time. I’m always amazed that at any given time on any given day, somebody somewhere is making a slice of musical expression and sharing it with with the world via the internet (surely the greatest invention since the wheel!). Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. An unasuming blogger by the name of Phantom Refelection has recently posted this selection of dirty funk, soundtrack steez, hip hop dopeness and beyond. Keep on keepin’ on!

1. Space Odessy 2001 theme
2. To Serve man interlude
3. The Robert Corbert Orchestra – Theme From Dark Shadows
4. Meaning and Purpose of Life interlude
5. Roy Bud – The Stone Killer
6. Bob James – Nautilus
7. Ghostface – Hidden Darts remix
8. Serengeti – Andromeda
9. Sneed the Jade Badger – Kinetic Underlings
10. MF DOOM – Dragon’s Blood
11. Trapped in Space interlude
12. Aesop Rock, Yeshua daPoED and Vast Aire – Sinister
13. Blueprint – Behave Yourself + Starch
14. In-it-lude
15. Illogic – Celestial Clockwork
16. Canibal Ox – Ridiculoid (with El-P)
17. B. Dolan – The Reptilian Agenda
18. Jay Dee – Geek Down + Lightworks
19. Ultimate Spinach – Mind Flowers
20. Phoenix – Love Like a Sunset
21. Meaning and Purpose of Life outro
22. King Gheedorah – Fazers
23. J-Live – Inside Looking Outro
24. Babbletron – Pressure!
25. Jay Dilla – (Ruff Draft) Intro [Alternate Take][Instrumental]