Arthur Radio Transmission presents CLOUDS IN THE HERMAPHRODITIC MIRROR

DJ set of incredible scope and vision for Arthur Magazine by DJ’s Hairy Painter, Ivy Meadows and Visitation Rites. Get your freak on.

Tim Hawkinson – Uberorgan, Part 1
excerpt from “Celestial Navigations” by Al Jarnow
Maria Chavez – live 04.17.2008
Ann Magnuson – Made for TV 1/2
Run DMT – excerpt from cassette released on Curatorial Club
J.G. Ballard – Superego
Ira Cohen – excerpt from home recording, October 2003
Ali Jihad Racy – The Boat of Millions of Years
The Medium is the Massage with Marshall McLuhan
LSD – a documentary report on the current psychedelic drug controversy!
Pink Floyd – “Brain Damage”
The Fugs – “The Garden is Open”
Up Died Sound – “Dust”
Andrew Cedermark – “Ad Finitum”
The Luv’d Ones – “It’s Quiet”
New Yoga – “Lizard Visions”
Silver Apples – “Misty Mountain”
Steve Hillage – “All Too Much”
Kim Fowley – “Kim Vincent Fowley”
The Phantom Band – “Phantom Drums”
Michael Yonkers – “Lovely Gold”
Corsano-Flower Duo – “Cocoa Mouth Paralysis”
Omar Khorshid – “Guitar El Chark”
Charley Patton – “Mind Reader Blues”
MV & EE – “Hymn To The Seer”
Alejandro Jodorowsky – Times Square interview
A.M Jopek , Maciej Maleńczuk – “W moich ramionach”
Charlemagne Palestine – “Island Song ”
Sonny & The Sunsets – “Stranded” (from new 7″ The Hypnotist b/w Stranded)
Arthur Russell – “Goodbye, Old Paint”
Collie Ryan – “Cricket”
Galwad y Mynydd – Galwad y Mynydd
Environments – “Sailboat” cassette
Brightblack Morning Light – “Breezey While They War On”
Freud on Id, Ego, Superego
Cloudland Canyon – “Dambala” (played @ 33 rpm)
Deep Listening Band – excerpt from “Ione” (1989)
Arp & Anthony Moore – “Slow Moon’s Rose” from their 12″ Frkways Vol. 3
Parmegiani – L’oeil Ecoute
Tim Hawkinson – Uberorgan, Part 2


(artwork by Meatskull_