Guess Who Just Turned 2?

Yes, it’s 2 years since I started the Meatskull spot. Originally a place where I could make mixes for my mate Robbo to download, saving me the hassle of posting CD-Rs or USB sticks to him all the time. After a while, it took on a life of it’s own as I began to post mixes made by others who I felt had their heads and hearts in the right place when it came to uncovering and sharing great music from around the world.

Being a father of 2 kids now, it’s not always easy to post and/or create mixes, but I seem to find time at least once or twice a week to scour the webs for what I consider to be the best DJ mixes out there.

Thanks to everyone who has left a comment or linked to the site in some way or another. I’d love to receive more mix submissions from visitors, so don’t hesitate to send them to me at I reckon this year I might try to coerce a mix or two out of some international DJs for something fun and exclusive to this site. OK, that’s all from me – thanks again for stopping by. Let the mighty sounds continue!