Bleep 43 presents The Roots Of Trance

Well, somebody’s ears must be burning, cos my mate Robbo who is pretty much the reason this blog got started sent me a great article via Beep43 about the beginnings of the trance party scene in Goa (back when trance wasn’t a dirty word). Take the time to read the article, it’s a belter. Really makes you wish you could have been there.

As somebody who was around to witness the burgeoning house/rave/trance scene in the 80’s, I thought it amazing that this small group of forward thinking DJ’s were responsible for spreading a sound a vibe around the globe, the reverberations of which are still being felt today. Here’s a mix created by Dave Mothersole celebrating the pioneering spirit of DJ’s such as the mysterious Laurent (pictured above), who pioneered this scene playing on cassettes with a number of styles including new beat, EBM, Italo and Hi-NRG, often creating his own unique edits.

“This mix is a homage to Laurent’s style of DJ’ing in the mid to late 80’s.  All the records in the mix were big Goa hits in the two seasons I was there, with the exception of two tracks from the following year.  Originally I planned to span the entire night, but found it imposible to condense ten hours of music in to two, so I’ve gone instead for just the morning sound, which was always my favourite part anyway.  Where possible I’ve tried to replicate Laurent’s choppy, quick mix style.” – Dave Mothersole

Syntech “Discontented” (Hotsound)
Nux Nemo “Hiroshima” (Clip)
Neon “Voices” (Target)
Public Relations “Public Relations” (Another Side)
Poesie Noire “Timber – Instrumental” (Antler)
Koto “Jabdah – Long Version” (Memory)
Laser Dance “Humanoid Invasion” (Hotsound)
D’Bop “Dirty Harry – Instrumental” (Subway)
Zwischenfall “Flucht” (Les Disques Du Crepuscule)
Mark Shreeve “Legion – Razor Mix” (Jive)
Bappi Lahiri “Habiba” (Hi-Hat)
Alien Sex Fiend “The Impossible Mission” (Plagiarism)
Laser Cowboys “Radioactivity – From The Ucraine” (ItaloHeat)
Boytronic “Communicate” (Metronome)
Psyche “Unveiling The Secret – The Razormaid Mix” (New Rose)
Chris & Cosey “Exotika – Remix” (Play It Again Sam)
DAF “Program It – Instrumental” (Dean)
New Order “True Dub” (Factory)
4You “Dragon Beats” (Durium)
Cabaret Voltaire “Don’t Argue – Francois Kevorkian & Micheal Hutchinson Mix” (Manhatan)
New Design “Some Like It Hot” (MG)
Sandy Marton “White Storm In The Jungle” (Ibiza)
Jean-Michel Jarre “Zoolookologie” (Polydor)