Homecookin’ presents Sun Goes By

Well, it would seem that Autumn has finally taken hold after a freakishly warm April here in Sydney. What better way to prolong the vibe just that little bit longer than with a mix of toasty treats from the boys at Homecookin’.

01. Alice Smith : Love Endeavor (Maurice Fulton Remix)
02. Indeep : Last Nite A DJ Saved My Life (Mirage Remix)
03. Moloko : Knee Deepen (Salt City Orchestra Edit)
04. Escort : All That She Is
05. Greg Wilson : Chocolate Factor
06. The Swiss : Movement 1, 2 & 3 (Brennan Green Edit)
07. Banda Uniao Black : Been So Long (Tim “Love” Lee Instrumental Remix)
08. 40 Thieves : Don’t Turn It Off (Brennan Green 303 Remix)
09. Lucio Battisti : El Velero
10. In Flagranti : Where Is Miss Palmer?
11. Alexander Robotnick : Problèmes D’Amour (Love Robot Edit)
12. Pierre’s Fantasy Club : Dream Girl
13. The Martian : Get Up To My Groove (Groovy Mix)
14. KC Flight : Let’s Get Jazzy (Dub Mix)
15. Don Armando : I’m an Indian Too (C. Denner Moxie Edit)
16. Black Leotard Front – Casual Friday (Instrumental)
17. Giorgio Moroder : Evolution (J.E.N. Galactica Edit)
18. Patrick Cowley : Get A Little