Infinite State Machine Presents I Haven’t Even Started

Right up the Meatskull alley is this set from Irish Kenny over at Infinite State Machine. Eclectic, electric and downright spectacular.

“In a fit of productivity that may take me some time to recover from (nevermind the order my records are now in) I recorded two mixes on a hungover Friday at the end of last month. First up is a guest mix for a new site MN To That which was set up by a few guys from my hometown of Monaghan. As it’s new there ain’t too much on it yet, but already there are a couple of interesting mixes up there and the guys have put a lot of effort into setting it up along with putting on parties in London, Monaghan and Dublin, so I wish them all the best with it. – Kenny (ISM)

Tangerine Dream – Rubycon Pt.1
Hi Gloss – You’ll Never Know (6th Borough Project Edit)
Rush Hour – Custom Made Love (Dance Mix)
llija Rudman – Night People (Garage Mix)
Kelton Prima – No Lies
K.I.D. – Do It Again
B.W.H. – Stop
K.I.D. – Don’t Stop
Aeroplane – Caramellos
Metro Area – Muira
Marcello Giordani – I’m Not Blade Runner
Juju & Jordash – Time Slip
Tangerine Dream – Rubycon Pt.2
Scott Ferguson – Keep On Lovin’ Me (Detroit Vs Chicago Mix)
Vince Halliburton – Something I Feel
Rick Wade – Ricky’s Groove
Tevo Howard – Data (Long Version)
Chicago Skyway – Acid
Pirahnahead -Mirror Muse Internal Inspiration
Basic Soul Unit – Things Pass
The Martian – Sex In Zero Gravity
CRC – Mandragora
Arpanet – Wireless Internet