LWE presents Podcast 50: Mike Huckaby

This is pretty much an essential given for fans of house and groove. Thanks to Little White Earbuds for making it happen. Oh, and happy 50th podcast to them!

“In the twenty-five years or so since his fateful encounter with Alexander Robotnick’s “Problèmes d’Amour,” Mike Huckaby has become one of the most respected figures in house and techno music – in his Detroit hometown and beyond. His love for the music is clear, and he engages that love from every conceivable angle. A legendary DJ, Huckaby stands at some remove from partisan stylistic divisions, winning over crowds with his encyclopedic knowledge of dance music history (the benefit, perhaps, of a lengthy tenure at the Record Time music shop) and an unusually sensitive ear for exceptional, ageless tracks. As a producer, he combines a taste for vintage sounds with a keen interest in emerging technologies, and has devoted untold hours to understanding and mastering a myriad of music-making tools.

That passion and commitment comes in handy when he’s teaching courses on Reaktor and Ableton Live at Detroit’s Youthville Community Center. It’s also resulted in some classic records, and his productions for his Deep Transportation and S Y N T H labels are basically the gold standards in twilit deep house and brooding techno. Even if we could ignore all those considerable undertakings and accomplishments, Huckaby would still be an LWE favorite for his refreshingly level-headed and thoughtful perspectives on the electronic music industry. We’re honored and thrilled to present, as LWE’s 50th podcast, an exclusive 78-minute mix from one of the crucial artists of our time.” – LWE

Liaisons Dangereuses, “Avant-Après Mars” [Roadrunner Records]
Udek, “Unknown” [white]
Lil Louis, “Frequency” [Dance Mania]
Virgo, “Free Yourself” [Trax Records]
Fingers Inc., “Distant Planet” (Club Mix) [Jack Trax]
Chuggles, “I Remember Dance” [Prescription]
House To House ft. Kym Mazelle, “Taste My Love” [Clone Classic Cuts]
Norma Jean Bell, “Do You Want To Party?” (Kenny Dixon Jr. Mix) [Pandemonium]
City People, “It’s All In the Groove” [Rainy City Music]
Moodymann, “The Third Track” [KDJ]
Jungle Wonz, “The Jungle” (Jungle Mix) [Trax Records]
Glenn Underground, “Black Mental Resurrection” (Mental Piano Dub)
[Life Line]
Blaze, “Klubtrance” [Slip ‘n’ Slide]
Soofle, “How Do You Plead?” [Fragile Records]
Mr. Fingers, “Slam Dance” [Alleviated Music]
Deep Chord, “Electromagnetic Dowsing” (Mike Huckaby S Y N T H Remix)


Apologies to Mike for the previous erroneous photo which I thought was of him. I’ve amended it with a photo of Mike looking suitably unimpressed with my blunder. Love ya Mike!