Ghost Capital presents Ghost Capital Mix

Great funky set drawing from some nice obscure sources courtesy of the Ghost Capital blog. Be sure to pay a visit – there’s a slew of fab tunage to be had over there.

“This is an older mix, but a good one- heavy on the soul & psych, with lots of good breaks. I made it a couple of years ago for my friend Torrance. Its named after the lead track, 22nd Century by Nina Simone. I later found out that this amazing song was originally written by Bahamian songwriter, Exuma. “The 22nd Century is the century of the Christian Era or Common Era in accordance with the Gregorian calendar.”It also happens to be the subject of zillions of speculative sci-fi novels, including Noon: 22nd Century by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky. The song, as a 9 minute “epic mystical speculative protest ballad” (my words), is also a fairly unorthodox way to start a mix. I reckon it won’t be for everyone, but I just love it and besides it gets things going with a bang. The rest of the disc isn’t bad either.”

1. 22nd Century / Nina Simone 8:44
2. Soul Strokes / Sidney Pinchback & The Schiller St. Gang 2:41
3. Jamaica Bolero / Tommy McCook 3:20
4. Cosmic Sea-(w Mystic Moods) / The Mystic Moods 2:38
5. 65 Bars and a Taste of Soul / Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band 2:46
6. Mercy Mercy Mercy / Cannonball Adderley 5:09
7. Suzanne / Nina Simone 5:15
8. Compared To What / Roberta Flack 5:16
9. I’ll Bet You / Funkadelic 6:14
10. Love, Love, Love / Pugh 3:20
11. Dizzy Dizzy / CAN 5:41
12. Space / Galt MacDermot 1:55
13. Je M’Appelle Geraldine (Mid-Tempo) / Jean-Claude Vannier 1:31
14. Theme from the Godfather / The Professionals 4:13
15. Yagmur / Erkin Koray/Same 3:34
16. Just as Long / Fikret Kizilok 3:29
17. House Of Mirrors / David McCallum 2:22
18. I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down / Ann Peebles 2:51
19. Divine Daze Of A Deathless Delight / Donovan 3:09
20. Tao Longe De Mim / Os Brazões 2:10
21. Count Your Blessings / Ken Parker 3:18