The KLF present Made at 3AM Coming Down Off E

KLF ‘bootlegs’ are a thing of legend in-themselves, you ask yourself is it a bootleg? Is it some fan made nonsense? Perchance it really is Cauty and Drummond typically being themselves by not being themselves. Many a tale and many a falsehood has been told about these rare little discs that float around the services of Royal Mail. And then every now and again you strike gold? Who can fucking tell.

So anyway this rather interesting ‘Chill Out’ era release is a bootleg recording, which appeared originally in 2001, called Made at 3AM Coming Down Off E. Apparently one of many pre-JAMSCD5 Cauty/Patterson/Drummond jams recorded at Trancentral. And as the title suggests, ‘seemingly’ they dropped by the studios and ‘had a play’…” (via Pearson Towers)