MondayJazz presents Zapped by Glen Porter

Glen Porter – ace drummer, raw beatmaker, switched on head with an air of soul & menace. The dude’s a legend. Here’s his contribution to the everlovin’ Mondayjazz series of mixes.

“Back to Cali once again and we meet this week’s hero Glen Porter waiting with the fresh mixtape in his hands. Mix Zapped brings some moments that can be described as in between. Some Dj Shadow styled mid tempo rithms making you feel like graff writer in the middle of the night nervously squeezing a can gradually changing with some brighter motives. Vocals delivered in various packages – rap, song or just indistinct exploatation of the voice. If talking about cans, check the tracklist and you’ll find a hint where all this slight spice of krautrock coming from. As well as all the other additives, augmenting the main flow, like some classic pop, little bit of electronics, dubstep, Glen’s own material etc.
A soundtrack for urban tomb raider. – Mondayjazz

1. fashawn-the healer(remix)
2. mr.chop-trip through the water door
3. shlomo-hot boxing the cockpit
4. clark-herr bar
5. mat young-barn burning
6. reanimator-salt(instrumental)
7. layo and bushwacka-sunshine in ipanema
8. u-point-fraguile
9. roy orbison-it’s over
10. sofa surfers-formula
11. dday1-burning alone
12. john barry-theme from the persuaders
13. niteffect-seat of war
14. glen porter-cry later
15. beats antique-Fratres for Violin and Piano
16. the dene road-am off
17. yppah-they know what ghost know
18. can-mushroom
19. bonobo-eyesdown
20. smoke room-just like travis
21. the shangri-las-remember(walkin in the sand)
22. the moontrekkers-night of the vampire
23. the residents-easter woman
24. luigi zito-All’Aria Aperta
25. clutchy hopkins-2:15
26. M.W.D-snake in a box
27. themselves-rapping4money(featuring why?)
28. namo-slow motion
29. tycho-cascade
30. the Q4-one of these days(glen porter remix)
31. polizei-turn the lights down
32. modeselektor-edgar
33. bat for lashes-daniel(mt eden dubstep)
34. white denim-sex prayer