Spiritualized presents Rare Fixes

Wow – seems the band that described their mission as “taking drugs to make music to take drugs to” have been more than generous in offering up a bunch of rare demo’s, reworks, live bits and radio sessions for our outer space exploration accompaniments. Spiritualized have always been a force to be reckoned with, whether in their Pure Phase swirling psychedelic sorties, or on the big, bold rockers they explored as the years went on. I know I’ll enjoy hearing these tunes for the first time and I trust you will as well – Meatskull (link via Ninjamixdump)

Unreleased Mixes, Demos & Outtakes (1990/91)
Why Don’t You Smile (alternate mix)
Step Into The Breeze (alternate instrumental mix)
Angel Sigh (alternate mix)
If I Were With Her Know (alternate mix)
Any Way That You Want Me (violin outtake)
Didgeridoo (demo for sway)
Take Your Time (alternate mix)
200 Bars (alternate mix)
These Blues (demo version)
Angel Sigh (take two)
Sometimes (first Spiritualized rehearsal)

Studio Outtakes, Rehearsals & Peel Sessions (1990/91)
I Want You (glides & chimes)
Shine A Light (unreleased mix)
Smiles (unreleased mix)
I Want You (instrumental long version)
Why Don’t You Smile
You Know It’s True
Angel Sigh
If I Were With Her Know
Angel Sigh
Feel So Sad

(cover art by Meatskull using images from band website)