George Young presents LoveHz The Allusion

Meatskull Highly Recommended!

“Born out of music and the spirit of music entrepreneurship. Miami’s very own George Young the Infinite has been on the hell bent mission of putting out music and memorizing music fans all over the globe for the better part of his life. A once self proclaimed musical prodigy turned ultra bboy gone crazy, this little 5 foot something stands very tall in the world of music, sight, and sound. From school chorus to the band and all the way into the studio and some of the biggest clubs in the Miami, George has been relentless on delivering some of the deepest and underground music from all parts of the earth.”

Listening to this again just now. A very inventive mix of dubstep, DnB, hip hop, piano lines and strings. George has got it all in spades. Don’t miss out on this free download and be sure to head over to Digital Felon for more of Young’s music as well as material from Somejerk, 3 Eyes, Mainframe and more great artists.

01 Lovers Fai
02 Sure Enough
03 Utterly Confusing
04 Seperation
05 Tenfold
06 Bring the Sun Out
07 Ms. Jonezzzzz
08 Tokyo Overdose
09 Heads nod panties drop
10 True Bad Minded (bootleg)
11 Beat like I don’t give a fuck
12 Desperado
13 Aunties Lock_Infinitum_FL-GY bootleg