Hannibal King presents Villains Gone Bad

Here’s a beat tape from earlier in the year by NYC producer Hannibal King for all budding bedroom MC’s, riders, drivers, walkers, head nodders and those who feel the funk.

“I put this tape together and will be dropping more tapes like this throughout the year because I felt I was getting a lot of requests for beats and wanted to make sure if there was anyone out there who wanted to spit on a Hannibal King beat they could. If I get enough freestyles/tracks done over each beat tape I’ll release a remix tape to go along with the beat tape in the next few months. I want to shout out www.thecoolestout.com for being so helpful and understanding in getting this tape out, they’re were some delays but we’re on track…with that said…enjoy Villains Gone Bad” – Hannibal King