Natural Sunset presents Will You Ever?

Another soothing mix for the mind, this time courtesy of A Strangely Isolated Place, exposing the world to the heart and soul of Dávid Pusztai.

Dávid Pusztai’sCinematic Surface introduced me to the music of Rhian Sheehan and ‘Will You Ever’ continues in much the same style. With tracks from Rhian Sheehan’s album, ‘Tiny Blue Biosphere’ the mix also features some of Dávid’s favourite tracks by Jon Hopkins, Boards of Canada and Hammock.” – ASIP

01. Pan Electric – A Winter’s Walk
02. JFC – Dusty Playground
03. Boards of Canada – Kid for Today
04. Benny Tones – SoulCycle
05. Rhian Sheehan – Patterns in Time
06. Rhian Sheehan – System
07. Lemon Jelly vs. Schiller – More Like Me
08. Jens Buchert – Melange Electrique
09. Ulrich Schnauss – Never Be The Same
10. Rhian Sheehan – Traveller
11. Hammock – Will You Ever Love Yourself?
12. Jon Hopkins – Fairytale
13. Zoohacker and Vir·g – Heavenly Moon