Chrissy Murderbots presents My Year Of Mixtapes Week 38: Chicago House

A young man on a mission to deliver a year’s worth of outstanding weekly mixes, each one exploring a different them and genre is Chrissy Murderbots. I have mentioned here before that I’ve been going through a bit of a classic Mr.Fingers style house revival in my head, so finding this Chicago house set thrilled me to the core. A perfect primer for the uninitiated and a real gift for those who remember the joyous sounds, but who may not have heard them for some time. I’ll let Chrissy’s words give you a clearer picture of what went into the mix. Be sure to hit up My Year Of Mixtapes for more choice music.

“The stories about this genre have been told a bajillion times, so go google them if you want the in-depth version.
The short version is this: there was a guy from New York named Frankie Knuckles who moved to Chicago in ’77 to play at a new discotheque called the Warehouse. He played lots of very odd, deep, drum-oriented disco, which soon became the dominant sound of early-’80s black Chicago (and spawned a lot of other, even weirder DJs—most famously Ron Hardy, who played at the Music Box). By 1981, Chicagoans were referring to the Philly Disco, Italo, Quebecois disco, and new wave records heard at the Warehouse not as “disco”, but as “House Music”. By 1985 you have a bunch of local Chicago kids attempting to MAKE this type of stuff on their own, with loads of crummy equipment culled from thrift stores (equipment which, in the intervening 25 years, has become incredibly valuable due to its house music cachet).

By 1986, this local Chicago music has blown up and gone worldwide, conquering New York’s club scene, hitting #1 on the UK pop charts, and directly inspiring Detroit techno (and every other dance music genre since).
25 years later, Chicago House still sounds different than house music from the rest of the world. It often has a rawer, less polished quality than, say, French house, or NY house. Also, Chicago house tends to vacillate between VERY traditional, R&B-inspired vocal tunes and VERY weird, psychedelic, oddness in a way that most other genres (including other sub-genres of house) don’t.

But enough of my rambling. Here are my faves from the early years of Chicago house.” – Chrissy Murderbots

Jamie Principle – Waiting On My Angel (A Frankie Knuckles Production) (Persona Records, 1985)
Adonis & The Endless Pokers – The Poke (D.J. International Records, 1986)
J.M. Silk – I Can’t Turn Around (Chrissy Murderbot Re-Edit) (RCA Victor, 1986)
Mr. Fingers – Washing Machine (Trax Records, 1986)
The House Master Boyz & The Rude Boy Of House – House Nation (Dance Mania, 1986)
Mr. Lee – I Can’t Forget (Dub) (Trax Records, 1987)
Marshall Jefferson – The House Music Anthem (House Your Body) (Chrissy Murderbot Re-Edit) (Trax Records, 1986)
Sterling Void & Paris Brightledge – It’s All Right (House Mix) (D.J. International Records, 1987)
Joe R. Lewis – Love Of My Own (Target Records, 1987)
Robert Owens & Fingers, Inc. – Bring Down The Walls (Trax Records, 1986)
Steve Poindexter – Computer Madness (Muzique Records, 1989)
Project Democracy feat. China – Is This Dream For Real (Under Dog, 1987)
Vicky Martin – Not Gonna Do It (Mike Dunn Dub) (Movin’ Records, 1988)
Pierre’s Pfantasy Club – Got The Bug (Club Mix) (Trax Records, 1987)
Phortune – Jiggerwatts (Hot Mix 5, 1988)
2 Houss People – Feel The Rhythm (Acid Mix) (Neco Records, 1988)
Sleezy D. – I’ve Lost Control (Space Mix) (Trax Records, 1986)
Jackmaster Curt – Real Fresh House (House Mix) (Jiszack Master Records, 1987)
Armando – 100% Of Dissin’ You (Warehouse Records, 1988)
Maurice – This Is Acid (Les Adams Remix) (Vendetta Records, 1988)
Cool McCool – World Turns Around (Hot Mix 5, 1988)
Phuture – Slam! (Trax Records, 1988)
Tyree – Let The Music Take Control (D.J. International Records, 1989)
Ralphi Rosario vs. Richie Rich – You Used To Salsa (The Remix of Salsa House) (FFRR, 1989)
Frankie Knuckles Presents Satoshi Tomiie feat. Robert Owens – Tears (Classic Vocal) (FFRR, 1989)
Pleasure Zone – Fantasy (Trax Records, 1988)
Jack Frost – Clap Me (Trax Records, 1988)
Ce Ce Rogers – Someday (Club Mix) (Atlantic, 1987)