Philip Sulidae presents Into This Night

Here’s a 35 minute mix of various bits and pieces put together by Australian sound artist Philip Sulidae. I have 2 of his 3″ cdr’s at home and they’re lovely artifacts of recorded sounds. This also reminds me to post a similar 2 hour mix I once made with Pimmon aka Paul Gough for an old radio show of mine where we created a sound collage using 6 source players. More on that later – for now, let’s enjoy Philip’s creation.

“Melted together with various software and samplers. Difficult to give start points of individual tracks. There’s generally at least three or four tracks mixed at once, however some tracks are a little bit more forward in the mix than others.” – Philip Sulidae

Ø – Koituva
Machinefabriek – Slovensko 1
Indignant Senility – Untitled 9
David Lynch – Untitled
David Lynch – Untitled
Juan Jose Calarco – Untitled
Philip Sulidae – Untitled Two
Wiliam Fowler Collins – Slow Motion Prayer Circle
Entia Non – Barbed Wire In The Back Paddock
Greg Haines – Submergence
James McDougall – Giant Empty Iron Logos
The Haxan Cloak – The Splintered Mind
Philip Sulidae – Night Hill
James McDougall – Mountain Upon A Phosphorescent Sky
Machinefabriek – Stukje 13
Philip Sulidae – SWS
On – In The Forest Of The Night
Svarte Greiner – Bird
Philip Sulidae – Lumen
Juan Jose Calarco – Untitled
Angelo Badalamenti – Diner
Gareth Davis & Machinefabriek – Ghost Lanes
Svarte Greiner – Ullsokk
Philip Sulidae – A Distance
Philip Sulidae – Bishop And Clerk Islets
Anduin – The Equal Of God
Xela – II
Ennio Mazzon – Skrida
BJ Nilsen – Black Light
Elegi – Fyrtarnet Part 3
Entia Non – Relocating To Where I Don’t Need To Be
Elm – In The Shadow Of The Red Rock
Philip Sulidae – 0000cc.ccccff.99cccc
Xela – III
Seasons (pre-din) – Untitled
The Caretaker – Friends Past Reunited
The Lost Domain – On The Waterfront Part II
BJ Nilsen – Defeat
Thuja – Untitled
Thomas Koner – 48° 52′ N 2° 21′ E Hour Seven
Svarte Greiner – Untitled 1
Juan Jose Calarco – The King Of All Tears
Philip Sulidae – Tharwa
Robert Curvengen – Andante Coda Grande
Philip Sulidae – Foot Candle
Leyland Kirby – Tonight Is The Last Night Of The World