Deviant & Naive Ted present Puroresu (A Mondayjazz Mix)

Another great Mondayjazz mix, brought to my attention by the creators of the mix via gmail  – is the way to get in touch and submit some sounds for me to post. Don’t be shy.

Mondayjazz continue a series of weird sounds and characters behind them. For the mix #123 we got a meditative and twisted compilation by Deviant & Naive Ted – Irish one man duo creating psychedelic and experimental hip hop music exclusively through turntable manipulation. Deviant is also a founder member of the Community Skratch collective and of turntable bands Vince Mack Mahon & Grandeurs Of Delusion. Deviant & Naive Ted have just released their debut 7″ single “Beauty / Shoes Not Not” on Alphabetset/Stress!! Recordings.

Puroresu starts with the smokey laidback afro-beat’ical exercise and then gradually hits deeper and deeper into Jedi teritory. The more freaky it gets the more intrigue it brings. Horror film tonations, mind altering lyrics and vocals spreading them, live instruments changing roles with electronics, some well known names in a not so well known context for them and all the other trippy elements you can (not) imagine is what makes excitement in this mix. Plus you have an opportunity to check and decide whether Deviant & Naive Ted single is worth buying if you are going to put in a mix together with Zappa.

So tune in and space out. And if you need a little bit of guidance in your Monday’s odyssey as an instruction can be used words by Deviant & Naive Ted him/themself: “The Puroresu mix attempts to showcase the myriad forms of jazz based exploration, relative to the hiphop sensibilities that Deviant & Ted have honed through many years within the culture. It is ideally suited to drinking tea with no pants on”. – Mondayjazz

01/ Ikebe Shakedown – The Prisoner
02/ Man – Prelude
03/ Yes – South Side Of The Sky
04/ Zygote – N/A
05/ Linton Kwesi Johnson – New Craas Massakah
06/ Pharoah Sanders – Japan
07/ Brian Eno – Over Fire Island
08/ Dimlite – Quiz Tears
09/ Moondog – Oboe Round
10/ Laurie Anderson – Sharkey’s Night
11/ Egil “Bop” Johansen – Palevise
12/ Zappa/Beefheart – Sam With The Showing Scalp Flat Top
13/ Deviant & Naive Ted – Beauty
14/ Telegraph Avenue – Sungaligali
15/ Bert Jansch – Fresh As A Sweet Sunday Morning (Excerpt)
16/ Vince Mack Mahon – The Amazing World Of Tweek, Ted & Keith