Chrissy Murderbot presents Mixtape No.48: Detroit Techno

Another great mix from Chrissy Murderbot, this time he’s repping one of my all time music genre’s – Detroit Techno. There’s just something so real and tangible about this music. The creators of these tunes really took Kraftwerk’s Man/Machine concept and made it a continued reality. Here’s what Chrissy has to say about the sound:

“Detroit’s local brand of techno has some key differences from the countless other types of techno that have evolved from it in the last 25 years—generally speaking it’s more “soulful” (whatever that means); it’s more in touch with its roots in house and electro; and it’s got a heavy tendency toward Black Nationalist and sci-fi themes (although in a primarily instrumental genre, these themes are often conveyed more through song titles and cover art than actual lyrical content). I’ve started this tape off with some classic first-wave Detroit Techno, and gradually progress into the (somewhat) newer stuff.” – Chrissy Murderbot

Rhythim is Rhythim; Strings of Life (Piano Mix) (Transmat, 1987)
K.S. Experience; Electronic Dance (KMS / Ten Records, 1988)
Model 500; Sound of Stereo (Metroplex, 1987)
Suburban Knight; The Art of Stalking (Transmat, 1990)
Paris Grey; Don’t Lead Me (Nexus 21 Remix) (Network Records, 1990)
Mia Hesterley; Spark (Chrissy Murderbot Instrumental Edit) (Metroplex / Ten Records, 1988)
Inner City; Big Fun (Magic Juan Mix) (KMS / Virgin, 1988)
Juan Atkins; Techno Music (Ten Records / Metroplex, 1988)
Model 500; No UFOs (D-Mix) (Metroplex, 1985)
Rhythim is Rhythim; Feel Surreal (Subconscious Mix) (Transmat, 1988)
Nexus 21 feat. Donna Black; Still (Life Keeps Moving) (Carl Craig Remix) (Network Records / KMS, 1990)
Inner City; Good Life (Magic Juan’s Mix) (Virgin, 1988)
Blake Baxter; Brothers Gonna Work It Out (Black Planet) (Logic Records, 1992)
Cybersonik; Technarchy (Plus 8, 1990)
E-Dancer; Pump The Move (KMS, 1991)
Alan Oldham; Orietta’s Theme (Generator, 1995)
Suburban Knight; The Warning (Underground Resistance, 1996)
Drexciya; The Journey Home (Warp Records, 1995)
Model 500; I Wanna Be There (M500 Remix) (R&S Records, 1996)
Aquajazz; Bodyrhythms Bodyfusion (Carl Craig Mix) (Aquarhythms, 1995)
DJ Mark Flash; Cachaca (Underground Resistance, 2008)
Blake Baxter / Dreamsequence III; Compromised Evolution (Tresor, 2001)
Suburban Knight; Shapeshifter (Peacefrog Records, 2003)
Underground Resistance; Electronic Warfare (Aux 88’s Take Control Mix) (Underground Resistance, 1996)
Drexciya; Black Sea (Warp Records, 1995)
Underground Resistance; Codebreaker (Underground Resistance, 1997)
Robert Hood; Parade (M-Plant / Tresor, 1994)


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