Nathan Fake presents BTS Mixtape

Here’s a mixtape proper (ie: old school A & B Sides!) from Nathan Fake created especially for Andrew Meza’s BTS radio show on the 10th of this month.
Sliding between the spiky, multi layered electronics of Autechre, Aphex Twin and Ceephax into segues from organic artists such as the Beach Boys and Kate Bush, this is a great example of an artist who is a music lover first and foremost.

Side A:
Terrestrial Tones – The Salon
Ceephax – LW Traveller
Beach Boys – Feel Flows
Autechre – Plyphon
John Maus – That Night
Caustic Window – On A Romance Tip
UR – Amazon
Brian Eno – The Big Ship
Team Doyobi – E5
Hawkwind – Silver Machine
Meshuggah – Perpetual Black Second
Nathan Fake – Cover Of Brian Eno’s Music For Airports 1/1
Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights

Side B:
7oi – The Outlines Of The Distant Hills
Portable Sunsets – Noise Diamonds
J.P.Buckle – Kiss Me Quick
Autechre – Tilapia
Kelpe – Microscope Contents
Unique3 – The Theme (Autechre Remix)
Russell Haswell – Cabasa Cabasa
Luke Abbott – Honeycomb
Lone – Taking Off & Landing
Harald Bjork – Nights
Benge – PPG Wave
Bibio – Torn Under The Window Light