Jazziel Funkard presents Jazzidubtron

Jazziel Funkard comin’ on strong in a brand new style. Mind you, I feel he’s almost apologizing to his readers for making a house compilation. Be not ashamed m’man! As The Specials once said “If you don’t like it, you don’t have to dance”!

“This comp is somethin’ totally different from what i normally do. Its jackin’ house music with a generous dose of hip hop & jazz samples (if you know your hip hop & jazz, you’re gon’ recognize a lot of it). If you love hip hop & jazz, i encourage you to just check it out, even tho house isn’t your thang. who knows, you might like it! enjoy!” – Jazziel Funkard

Jazzy Eyewear – Found the Way
Tommy Largo – Work Dat [The Sound Republic Remix]
Bryan Jones – No Job
The Sound Republic – Bumpin’ Enjoyment [Jason Hodges Remix]
Joey Youngman – Heritage
Stetsasonic – Talkin’ All That Jazz [Dimitri From Paris Remix]
Inland Knights – Where Ya At?
The Sound Republic – Hodge Podge
William Alexander – Freaky Relaxation [Jason Hodges Remix]
weS! – Make This the Name
Troydon – Waxed [The Sound Republic Remix]
The Sound Diggers – Popcorn Party
Soydan – You Gunna Dig This
Bryan Jones – Chicago Jack [The Sound Republic Remix]
Tommy Largo – Robbin’ & Stealin’
Inland Knights – Slummin’ It
DJ Sneak – Sticky Shiet [Jason Hodges Remix]
Tommy Largo – Keep It Movin’
Bryan Jones – Jackmaster Jazz Jockey [The Sound Republic Remix]
The Sound Diggers – Dave Snare
Troydon & Joey Youngman – Take Chances
The Sound Republic – When I Get Paid [weS! Remix]