Electric Deluxe presents Podcast 22: ATOM tm

Uwe Schmidt or Atom TM as he’s often known, is a true exponent of Edward De Bono’s “different hat” theorem. The man does not stay in one place for very long, nor does he allow himself to sound stale. He’s constantly evolving and resurrecting his style of production and influence, garnered from his German background and Chilean surroundings. Check out his huge list of aliases over at this Wiki page to see exactly how many hats the talented man has doffed. here’s a mix showcasing several of those pseudonyms along side some of his influences and favourites. Recommended. – Meatskull

Intro (Musical Particle) – AtomTM
Talk with God – AtomTM (Geeez ‘n’ Gosh)
Sonnenstudio  – AtomTM (Schnittstelle)
Bonjour Mademoiselle Humanoïde – AtomTM & Masaki Sakamoto
Hepatitis – H. Hosono & T. Yokoo
Lovefinger – Silver Apples
Love in Outerspace – Sun Ra
Interchangeable Intervals – AtomTM (Roger Tubesound Ensemble)
Excerpt from “The Winterking” Talk – Terence McKenna
Angel Food – Bruce Gilbert
Laugh Gas – Haruomi Hosono
Tanzfläche – AtomTM
Maniac – AtomTM (CMYK)
Fliesskomma – AtomTM (Bund Deutscher Programmierer)
Phase in – AtomTM & Tobias
She’s a Maniac – AtomTM (CMYK)
Excerpt from “The Winterking” Talk – Terence McKenna