Union LA, Trackstar The DJ & TSS Present Black Spade – Build & Destroy Mixtape

Putting the real back into hip hop, here’s one of the saviours we’ve been waiting for – Black Spade.

“Although he’s released more than his fair share of material either as a solo artist and with Hawthorne Headhunters, Black Spade has never dropped a mixtape, unlike most artists in today’s landscape. I should know because I’ve been buggin’ him for years to be the ones to push one if he ever decided to. And that time has finally come. Along with Union LA and Trackstar, we’re proud to present Black Spade’s newest audio offering, Build & Destroy.

For his first, Stoney Rock did it right by offering completely fresh material. Featuring friends and frequent collaborators like Coultrain, Adad, Rockwell Knuckles, Corey Black, Vic Mensah and Wafeek, Build & Destroy packs enough punch to hold fans over for weeks and months to come.” – via The Smoking Section