Neut presents Warm Spring Drive

Another new mix from Neut, doing a bit of digging in the crates and coming up trumps again. Nice to hear his softer side coming through with a selection that still shades the sound spectrum from light to dark, all the while staying true to the game.

“It all stems from an early age of 12, gazing over soundtrack record covers, buying ‘best of’ movie soundtracks, and inadvertently discovering Morricone and John Barry. since then its always been music as a soundtrack, whatever music i go back to seems to have a filmic quality.” – Neut

01 Radical Son ‘rain (neut edit)’
02 Urban Species ‘brother (Earthling bonus beats)’
03 Innervisions ‘organized crime’
04 El Michels Affair ‘glaciers of ice’
05 A Tribe Called Quest ‘god lives through (instrumental)’
06 Maker ‘forge your own chains’
07 Portishead ‘interlude’
08 Viktor Vaughn ‘ode to road rage’
09 Gonjasufi ‘advice’
10 Clutchy Hopkins ‘326’
11 Hood & Duo Fourteen ‘sun on wrought iron’
12 Express Rising ‘buy, sell, tirade’
13 The Rising Express ‘gravity au jus’
14 Naik ‘zootrip’
15 Funki Porcini ‘this ain’t the way to live’
16 Express Rising ‘ithaca summer’
17 Chris Craft ‘hooks is extra (instrumental)’