Neural presents Cosmos

Ah, birthdays. They can bring out feelings both good and bad, depending on the age, occasion and what’s happening around you at the time. My old mate Wayne Stronell aka Neut aka Neural has taken it upon himself to reflect on his latest year on earth with a couple of mixes he’s sharing for all to enjoy.

“Age brings a growing desire to reflect, to reminisce, moments in time become nostalgic glimpses, and the elements of these memories stay with us. Music has always been one of those memory markers for me, i can pinpoint events, people, places and personal development.

Electronic music was my first major influence, pure, tonal, but it’s where it quickly fractured that excited me, and inspired me to DJ, encompasing not just pure electronics, but incorporating elements of jazz, hip hop, dub and psychedelia.

Although most of the mixtapes you’ve heard centre around drums (as neut) and tech/dub/step (as neural), i’ve selected tracks that i feel have encompased so many of these elements, from sublime electronica to post rock, hip hop and spiritual jazz, showing elements of the past, and what lay ahead.

There’s no conformists here. These artists think nothing of pushing boundaries, processing tones, flipping samples, producing sonically satisfying sketches, even songs with a traditional structure. delve some more into the work of the artists listed below, your ears will thank you.” – Neut

01 Flying Lotus ‘intro/a cosmic drama’
02 Gonjasufi ‘ancestors’
03 Harmonic 313 ‘quadrant 3’ / Obba Supa ‘the last clouds of the cosmics’
04 Autechre ‘iris was a pupil’
05 The Drift ‘gardening, not architecture (Four Tet remix)’
06 Obba Supa ‘cosmic blast’
07 Flying Lotus ‘zodiac shit’
08 Flying Lotus feat Gonjasufi ‘testament’
09 Reptiles ‘floating’
10 The Marcia Blaine School For Girls ‘kamara debagging’
11 Kelpe ‘waval gust’
12 Boards Of Canada ‘turqoise hexagon sun’
13 Know-U ‘triptych’
14 The Simonsound ‘moon rocks’