DJ Hazy presents Ambilicious

I love an ambient mix. There should be more of ’em, as they’re the perfect antidote to the constant bombardment of beats and bass that surround our musical lives. Take some time out to imerse yourself in this deep pool of liquid love from DJ Hazy. A sure fire balm for the workaday strains and stresses.

“An almost beatless ambient mix that I did for a yoga teacher friend of mine… except that she thought it was TOO ambient! No pleasing some people. Anyway, if you want something _very_ drifty, floaty and spacey, then this will be up your alley.” – DJ Hazy

1. Nova Nova – Ex Eg
2. Fila Brazilia – July 23rd
3. Global Communication – 7:14
4. Unknown – Dreams Of Tall Buildings
5. Blu Mar Ten – I Wake Up
6. World Of Apples – Cows Of Jodrell Bank
7. Unforscene – Tango In Dub
8. DJ Food – Dusk
9. Calm – Light Years
10. Gabriel Le Mar – Seaside
11. Savath & Savalas – Folk Song For Cello
12. Zohar – Ehad (Sunday Best Mix)
13. Aqua Bassino – When The Bird Flies
14. Brian Eno – An Ending (Ascent)

LINK (amended – now Mediafire!)