Leech presents Openess

A long time fan of this blog is Hau Hsu, writer for the culture section of  The Atlantic. His column “Mixes Worth Listening To This Week” exposes readers to Meatskull on a weekly basis and I urge you to take a look at his column if you want to grab some other sweet sounds from around the globe. Here’s a great looking mix he linked to recently of slow burnin’ grooves for froody humans hosted over at the Ecstacy blog.

“43 minute mix of mostly contemporary slo vocal house to gently wake the blahg from it’s nap.” – The Ecstacy Blog

12345 – henry jacobs
i did it just the same – eurythmics
whobadu – cottam
dig deep – nicholas
chicago – jozif
ludium – elektro guzzi
you got that look in your eyes – mike simonetti
over you – moodyman
took my love – hunee
getting down in my car – the zohar
u talkin but u ain’t walkin – lump
nobody else – mark e
tattoo’s island – juju & jordash
tomorrow night – session victim
shade [dub] – the realness
make me free – marcello napoletano
nervous disid – the mole
sounds like thunder – bernice reagon