Meatskull presents Another Angle Vol.62

As many of you may know, I host a radio show here in Sydney on a weekly basis. The show has been broadcasting on a Monday evening at 10.30-12am for the past year or so, but has recently been given to a new timeslot of 1.30pm on a Wednesday. What this means is that the pace and vibe of the show has picked up somewhat, which is a nice change for me after playing late night, mellow sounds for the past 12 months. And so, onto this mix – the very last mix I made for the late night spot and the last mellow mix from me for a while. That’s not to say I’ll never make ambient mixes again, it just means that the Another Angle sets will be a lot livelier from now on. Enjoy this downbeat adventure whatever the time of day or night. – Meatskull

High Life – Arp
Dreaming Renewal – The Flashbulb
Common Ground – Stanton Moore
Materials – Nicholas Jaar
Till I Found You – Norman Feels
Title Sequence – Space Dimension
Run In To The Light – Brokenchord
Meet Me By The Pier – Air France
The Seduction Of Claude Debussy – The Art Of Noise
Gorilla Hug (Nicholas Jaar Remix) – DJ T
Little Baby Eyes (Fakesh Remix) – Franz Kirman
I Wanna Go To Marz – John Grant
Feel Like Jumping Pt.2 – Marcia Griffiths
J’s Day Theme #3 – Madlib
Last Days Music – Madlib
The Harbour Mystery – Superimposers
Dolphins – John Sangster
Gigantes Version (Mark Ernestus Remix) – Tortoise
Here To fall (Pete Rock Remix) – Yo La Tengo
Moments In Love (Anne To Tears Mix) – The Art Of Noise