Vangel presents In My Rumination

Pilfered from King Megatrip (holla!) comes this slab of eclectic glory from Vangel that he created as a guest mix for the great sound blog Rhythm Incursions.

Sixtoo – Sidewinders (Ninja Tune)
The Beach Boys – In My Room (EMI Records)
Louis Armstrong – What a Wonderful World (ABC Records)
Jackson and His Computer Band – Utopia (Warp Records)
el-p – How to Serve Man (Def Jux)
Four Tet – slow jam (Domino)
Prefuse 73 – Simple Loop Choir (Warp Records)
Helmet – Beautiful Love (Interscope)
Amon Tobin – Slowly (Ninja Tune)
Ceschi – Half Mast (Equinox Records)
Vangel – Central Pocketier (5&1/4 Records)
Diplo – Way More (Big Dada)
Dj Shadow – Midnight in a Perfect World (Mo’Wax)
Camu Tao – When You’re Going Down (Def Jux)
Bibio – Cry! Baby! (Warp records)
Dj Shadow – Building Steam With a Grain of Salt (Mo’Wax)
Masai Bey – Paper Mache (Def Jux)
peterdeadpan – Bicyclette (Remix) (5&1/4 Records)
Koushik – Be With (Stones Throw)
2econd Class Citizen – The Day You’re Lost Or Found (Equinox Records)
Born Ruffians – Badonkadonkey (Warp records)
Dday One – Omega Point (ContentLabel)
Prefuse 73 – the Color or Tempo (Warp Records)
Frederik Teige – Elevate (Independent)
Thom Yorke – The Eraser (XL Recordings)
Maxime Robin – Ma generation (Erobote)
Vangel – Elevator Talk (5&1/4/Equinox Records)
Caribou – Hello Hammerheads (Leaf/Domino)
Battles – Atlas (Warp records)
Squarepusher – Male Pill Part 13 (Warp records)
Brian Borcherdt – Preserver (HandDrawnDracula)