Rapohnelizenz Presents The Beat Tape Vol​.​1

Tasty beats gathered from around the globe thanks to Rapohnelizenz.

“Hello Digital World // Hello Hip Hop People. Here it is. Our first very own Beatcompilation. When we started this about a year ago, living together in the same building, sharing the same passion for music, we were passing on links of the stuff we found online.It´s a bit like digging for wax – a lot of crap but then at the end of the box you find a beautiful piece of music.

So the next step was to share what you find on an bigger platform. While browsing the web and selecting everyday what stuff is worth promoting, we meet artists who catch our attention. we just wanted more of their music. We invented this compilation as fans and asked our favorite underground producers to contribute. We´re happy to deliver you a selection of mainly unreleased beats. Get your mp3-player ready and let us know what you think.” – Rapohnelizenz

01. Boom Baptist – 8-Bit-Try (USA)
02. Xperiment Beats – Sound Barrier (USA)
03. Jon Phonics – Face Music (UK)
04. Chemo AKA Telemachus – Dirt Digler (UK)
05. Das Geraet AKA Cutcannibalz – Beck’s (Germany)
06. Dibiase – Choke Ya Hood (USA)
07. Anatol Atonal – A-tzeton (Swiss)
08. Torky Tork – Signal Rap (Germany)
09. DDay One – Give And Take (USA)
10. Suff Daddy – Message Break (Germany)
11. Boom Baptist – Asian March (USA)
12. Bugseed – Break of Dawn (Japan)
13. Elaquent – Good Fortune (Canada)
14. J. Bizness – Biz Reason 105 Nevermind (USA)
15. Pigeondust – Wingless Believer (Japan)