Cosmo presents Bodytronic Podcast 089

This blog is sorely void of mixes by female spinners, a fact that I shall attempt to correct now that I’ve realised it! Here’s some sunshine and love from Colleen “Cosmo” Murphy via Bodytronic.

“I put together this mix to celebrate all that is Dub. Dub has surreptitiously snuck into so many different dance floor sounds that I wanted to represent some straightforward Jamaican dub alongside some dubbed-out amalgamations. I included my most recent dub venture, the Cosmodelica Dub Factor Mix of “Testimony” by Phenomenal Handclap Band out now on limited edition Bitches Brew 10-inch with hand printed jackets. Check out the artwork – it’s pretty freaky! For those of you who are dub catchers in NYC, I will be playing all night long at the one of the dubbiest parties in New York City, Francois K’s Deep Space on 2 August. In the meantime, kick back and beat the heat with some maximum cosmic chill-out. Bo!” – Cosmo

Dadawah – “Seventy Two Nations” (Trojan)
Black Uhuru – “Big Spliff”(Mango)
Willie Colon – “She Don’t Know I’m Alive” [Alive Dub One] (A&M)
Gwen Guthrie – “Can’t Love You Tonight” [Dub] (Jellybean)
No Smoke – “Koro Koro” [Dub Dance] (Warriors Dance)
Colourbox – “Looks Like We’re Shy One Horse” (4AD)
Fila Brazilia – “Rankine” (Pork Recordings)
Jimmy Cliff – “Peace Officer” [Dub Mix by Francois Kevorkian] (Columbia)
Wild Rumpus – “Musical Blaze Up” [Cosmo’s Teletubby Dub] (Bitches Brew)
Phenomental Handclap Band – “Testimony” [Cosmodelica Dub Factor Mix] (Bitches Brew/Tummy Touch)