Max Tannone presents Dub Kweli

Max Tannone hits again – a bit late posting this one, but perfect for the Xmas holidays when driving from town to town. Dub and hip hop never sounded so good together!

“Released in August 2010, Dub Kweli is the sequel to Mos Dub. It features hip-hop artist Talib Kweli rapping against a backdrop of dubbed out reggae beats. I had the opportunity to meet Talib after Dub Kweli came out, and he told me he really liked it. That was very gratifying to hear, as positive words from the original artist are the ultimate compliment you can receive. He has always been one of my favorite musicians, and I was honored to do his material justice with this project. Dub Kweli has since been bootlegged on vinyl.” – Max Tannone

LINK (Vocal Album)

LINK (Instrumentals)