Monthly Archive: January, 2011

An apology of sorts

A short message to any Meatskull readers/followers/disciples – sorry there has been some dead air for a couple of weeks here. my site got put on hold by THE MAN for one tune… Continue reading

Flash Strap presents Exotiste

Twisted exotica from Flash Strap. Brilliant. “The compilation I present you with today is a concoction of my own labors, an outing of tastefully chopped-and-screwed (if you will) Exotica tracks. My passion for… Continue reading

oki-ni presents MOON by Andrew Weatherall

Who doesn’t love all things Andy Weatherall? The man is a living legend, an institution, a law unto himself. here’s something I haven’t seen from him in a while – “a quiet mix”.… Continue reading

Grevious Angel & John Eden present Lovers Rock Vol.1

Uncarved is a tight spot online and i urge you to bookmark it today. Here’s a great compilation of UK based lover’s rock that will melt even the coldest of facades. So what… Continue reading

Cut Chemist presents Hip Hop Lives 1985 – 1986

Cut Chemist mixing killer hip hop. Nuff said. LINK

Colored-Inc. presents Carlton Livingston

Paris DJs are hosting this wicked collection of one of reggae’s best ever voices – Carlton Livingston. Download this if only for the killer cuts 100 Weight Of Collie Weed and Trodding Through… Continue reading

DJ Mayhem presents Doom Mix

Cos you can never have too much Dooooooom… “Daniel Dumile (“doom-uh-lay”) is a British born American hip-hop artist who has taken on several stage names in his career, most famously MF DOOM (standing… Continue reading

Cuz presents Cuz I Know You’re There

Cuz selects my kind of beats – moody, emotive, dirty and slinky. Hear some of the best music being made in hip hop today right here folks. “Quite simply, a bunch of new… Continue reading

Wrongtom presents Kanetiquette

“In April 2008, hot on the heels of Cassetiquette, Wrongtom dropped Kanetiquette – his J. Saul Kane (Depth Charge, Eon, Octagon Man, Alexanders Dark Band etc) tribute mix. A firm favourite on the… Continue reading

DJ Oscar presents Pubstep 3

If you haven’t already peeped the smokey confines of DJ Oscar’s previous sets as seen here on Meatskull and over at Oscar’s Sofa Mixes site, do so immediately. Here he takes things back… Continue reading

Unseen Selectors present Chain Reaction Berlin

Essential grab of some of the greatest electronic music ever made. Via Graphite North “Chain Reaction is one of the keystone labels in the development in Deep / Experimental Techno Music. A Sub-label… Continue reading

James Blake presents DJ Set at the Boiler Room, London – 21st of December 2010.

It’s James Blake doing it in style, yo. R&S are killing it right now. How about his new album? I’ll bet nobody saw that one coming. Express your opinions in the comments. LINK

Pencilface presents Discodump

The first post for 2011 comes courtesy of Pencilface, a very gypsyfied mix with tunes culled from his global tresure hunting. “Here’s some stuff I’ve picked up over the last few months: Tropical… Continue reading

Welcome to Meatskull 2001

Back from my break and it’s a new year awaits us. I’ll be endevouring to bring you the good stuff on a regular basis, so don’t forget to bookmark the site, tweet it,… Continue reading