Cuz presents Cuz I Know You’re There

Cuz selects my kind of beats – moody, emotive, dirty and slinky. Hear some of the best music being made in hip hop today right here folks.

“Quite simply, a bunch of new stuff hurriedly thrust together. I wanted to get a new mixtape out, basically to give me a chance to say again… HEY!
Pitch Kontrol Unfiltered asked me to do a 30 minute mix for part of their Saturday interweb broadcast. 2 till 4 pm CST with a re-broadcast at 9. Go check it and much more out at Do the right thing by your ears. Dig this then dig that.
So here we have some offside hip hop, mostly instrumental, some otherwise.”- Cuz

1. Glen Porter – Glen Porter
2. Nobody – Sixth Sense
3. B.Dolan – Body Of Work
4. Lmntl819 and Reindeer – Phoenix Rising
5. PSY/opsogist – Nothingness of Space
6. Mr Cooper – Ten
7. 2Tall – For Simon Cowell
8. Dday One – Between Poles (Beta)
9. A.M. Archtect – Road to the Sun Pt1
10. The Q4 – Look Again (Dday One remix)
11. Opgave – Spacehead
12. Aether – Varience
13. Crookram – Hostile
14. Saltillo – A Hair on the Head of John the Baptist
15. Cesci – Half Mast
16. Guts – Skunkfunk
17. Dutch – Just Before The Rain