Wrongtom presents Kanetiquette

“In April 2008, hot on the heels of Cassetiquette, Wrongtom dropped Kanetiquette – his J. Saul Kane (Depth Charge, Eon, Octagon Man, Alexanders Dark Band etc) tribute mix. A firm favourite on the ninjatune forum & ninjamixdump alike, it is with great pleasure we add this to our selection of choice cuts. a true drunken master of a mix.” – via Ninjamixdump

” you ask for death by my hand… ”

pt1 – J.Runken Masters…
Depth Charge “Depth Charge Vs Silver Fox”
Depth Charge “Silver Dub”
Depth Charge “Death Is Ma Name”
Cash Crew “You Can’t Stop This (Jumpapella)”
Depth Charge “The Bit In The Middle”
Depth Charge “Goal – 1st Half”
Depth Charge “Goal – 2nd Half”
Depth Charge “Shaolin Buddha Finger”
Eon “Electromagnetic Waves”
pt2 – A Carnival Of Saul’s…
Depth Charge “Drum Death Version”
Depth Charge “Bass It”
Depth Charge “Dead By Dub”
Depth Charge “Daughters Of Darkness”
Depth Charge “Hubba Hubba (What’s In The Bag Man)”
Depth Charge “Searching For Records With Bongo Beats (Bonus Beats)”
pt3 – It Kane From Outerspace…
Depth Charge “Under The Eye Of The Electric Storm”
Eon “Spice (Original Mix With Notes)”
The Octagon Man “Okugai Eigakan”
The Octagon Man “(something in Japanese which i can’t read)”
T.E.T. “Burning Paradise (Space Bug)”
T.E.T. “Burning Paradise (Stick Mix)”
Depth Charge “Space Mutant”