DJ Mayhem presents Doom Mix

Cos you can never have too much Dooooooom…

“Daniel Dumile (“doom-uh-lay”) is a British born American hip-hop artist who has taken on several stage names in his career, most famously MF DOOM (standing for metal fingers/metal face doom). He has also been known as Zev Love X, King Geedorah, Metal Fingers, Viktor Vaughn, DOOM, and has appeared in several collaborative projects such as DANGERDOOM (with Danger Mouse) and Madvillain (with Madlib).

99.9% of the ChoiceCuts regulars are more than aware of who this man is. A large chunk of you will also be aware of DJ Mayhem who has been part and parcel of the HipHop scene in Ireland since the mid-90s. Having won a gazillion DJ battles in Ireland and beyond and played support to some of the biggest hiphop acts to perform in Ireland we thought it was about time Mayhem got busy on the podcast side of things. The result: just over an hour of what we think is one of the best selections of Doom tracks you could hope for in a mix.” – via Choice Cuts

1. Intro
2. November has come
3. Popsnot
4. Bada Bing
5.C urls
6. Meat Grinder
7. More Rhymin
8. Pot Holders
9. Greenbacks
10. Crosshairs
11. Ballskin
12. Kon Karne
13. Doomsday
14. Benzie Box
15. Deep Fried Frenz
16. Gas Drawls & Live from Planet X
17. Fancy Clown
18. Hoecakes – Left overs Mix
19. ? feat Kurious
20. My Favorite Ladies – Live from Planet X
21. Gazillion Ear
22.Dope Skill.
23.Basket Case.
24.Mr. Clean.
25.Vomit/Change That Beat
26.Money Folder Remix.
27.Angelz feat Tony Starks.
29.MF Doom Special Blend – Nas – One Love.