DJ Rob Pursey presents Real Man Music 2: The Return To real

OK, first post in some time and it’s a killer. I have been waiting for this to appear ever since I fell in love with the first volume which I linked to here a year ago. Rob Pursey has his finger on the pulse of many genres of sound, notably hip hop, but I feel it’s these Real Man comps that really elevate him above the pack in terms of originality, heart and soul. Never afraid to show his sensitive side, Rob Pursey even managed to turn me on to the soulful side of Phil Collins with the track from Face Value he included on Volume One. This time, it’s the soul artists’ turn to shine, with an emphasis on the late 70’s and early 80’s smoothness of some big name artists and some tunes that haven’t been showcased in other arenas. Grab this and the first Volume – so good.

“A few months back I hit you with volume one of the ‘Real Man Music’ series (props to everyone who blogged, shared and generally gave me feedback – it’s appreciated!) and now here’s Volume 2 – ‘Real Man Music – The Return To Real‘. I also mixed this live one afternoon, sometime last year just after the first, but now Davey Boy Smith has worked his design magic once again and trackmarked this for your easy listening pleasure, we thought it right to share it with y’all. Once again, as I explained before, this is some male vocal, quiet storm action across all genres, with the only theme being, well..some emotional business. So as well as a couple of recurring artists, put it on and kick back, relax, ride out to (or wile out to, if you like)…and well, enjoy midtempo and slow jams from the likes of Eddie Kendricks, Lionel Richie, Zapp, Bobby Caldwell and all the other amazing artists assembled here. ‘The Return To Real’ is exactly that.” – Rob Pursey