Meatskull presents Salt Dreams Vol.1

OK, so what with all this oppressive heat in Sydney and the fact that the hype machine has died down, I’ve decided to make a series of lo-fi/hi-fi beachwave vibe compilations. The sound and scene has developed nicely, so here’s a sample of what I’ve been listening to lately. Respects to all the bedroom producers making these sunny sounds of blissful pop. Remember kids…chill, then wave.

Omega Beach – Seahawks
Heart Of Grass – Monster Rally
August – Ra Cailum
Daytrips & Starlight – Roof Light
Poquito de Amor – María y José
Beach Days – Mathemagic
Strawberry Skies – Games
Rubiscube (GablE Remix) – Fulgeance
Where Is The Problem – Dunian
Rest Easy – Bathcrones
Castle Of Clouds – Blue Hawaii
Wall Of Light – Position Normal
Face It – Top Girls
Universal Horizons – Universal Horizons
Atlantic – Sferro
Sea Swells & Distant Squalls – Pram
Melorr – Tropics
An Evening in ‘79 – Vintage
International Heartbreaker – Clive Tanaka y Su orquesta
When I Look Back – Pill Wonder