Flash Strap Presents Exotiste 2: Schooner in the Mist-Snakes Among the Gods (Altered Exotica 2011)

Good news – Flash Strap has been busy in the grass hut witch doctoring up some new bubbling brew for your islander ears. It’s a tropical trip of the tantalizing kind.

“Due to what seemed like pretty good feedback, and a somewhat surprising download rate, I decided to go ahead and finish my second volume in the Exotiste series. Exotiste 2: Schooner in the Mist- Snakes Among the Gods is now here, and trippier than its predecessor. I really am quite pleased with it, myself. If you indulge this, and like it, there may well be more in the future, as I find I’m becoming slightly obsessed with this process of slow-and-lowing these pristine Space Age concoctions and watching them uncurl into sprawling jungle-doldrum purple poison-potion hallucinations.

The other night the dogs caught a desert hare and brought it into the yard, but didn’t eat it. They just stood watch over its noble corpse. To honor their kill, and its sacrifice, we built a funeral pyre and sent it, ashen and ablaze, to the Gods, glowing in the Mexican night… along with the accompaniment of cocktails and herbs strange, what sounds do you think augmented the magic of the air? Exotiste. EXOTISTE.

Try it on for size, if you please! Set your schooner adrift in the mist, experience your man-made fantasy as it becomes lost on the purple clouds and enters the native land of myth, exploring the unknown depths, until you find yourself at the foot of the temple, surrounded by snakes mating in massive balls, amassed in erotic worship of the Exotic Gods.” – Flash Strap

1. Paradise Cove- The Surfmen
2. Strange Echoes- Frank Hunter
3. Moon Mist- Out Islanders
4. Bali H’ai- Tak Shindo
5. Medley: Rain Forest/Rain in Rangoon/Rain- Les Baxter/Markko Polo/Les Baxter
6. Taboo- Ferrante & Teicher
7. Song of the Bayou- Martin Denny
8. Saycusca! (The Weary Stones)- Elizabeth Waldo
9. Bahia- Michel Magne
10. Happy Voodoo- Arthur Lyman
11. Spellbound Concerto- Marty Manning
12. Moonflowers- Warren Barker
13. Perfidia- Xavier Cugat
14. The Ancient Galleon- Les Baxter
15. Ecstasy- Les Baxter & Bas Sheva
16. Bora Bora- Les Baxter
17. Babalu- Stanley Black